Restaurant Styling

Ever planned on having your very own restaurant? An important aspect in running your very own restaurant is its styling. Restaurant styling can be difficult considering the fact that you want the restaurant to stand out.

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Setting Restaurant’s Mood

The restaurant business is highly competitive. It takes a lot of dedication in order to come up on top, or even just to float. One of the most common misconceptions is that it’s just the food that makes the people stay.

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Hiring a Trusted Professional Interior Designer for your Restaurant

Hiring a Trusted Professional Interior Designer for your Restaurant

The changing lifestyles, shifting demographics, and many other factors are fast-tracking the emergence and success of food service businesses today — most notably restaurants.

post-img7A lot of people prefer going out with family members and friends on several important occasions to avoid the hassle of baking, cooking, washing dishes, etc.

While food is a major reason why people keep on going to a restaurant, there are still a lot more that needs to be done to stay on top of the competition. This is especially true if a restaurant nearby is offering a similar menu that you’re serving.

So how do you create a difference? It starts by making your restaurant look better among the rest.

If you’re not artistic enough to come up with your own restaurant idea or concept, you can seek the assistance of an interior designer. In addition to creating a comfortable physical environment, an interior designer is likewise trained to create a quality and functional interior environment.

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of interior design in restaurants, take note of one of these key results conducted by an independent hospitality research group:

Researchers have found out that decor is a key reason a couple of restaurants have failed in the last two years. The research body likewise discovered architectural limitations on these restaurants. Therefore, designing a specific space in the establishment is almost impossible.

With that being said, it’s essential to hire a professional interior designer who can help your restaurant stay competitive.

Here’s a guide you can check when planning to hire an interior designer:
1) Know your purpose of hiring an interior designer.
2) Define the job scope of your interior designer.
3) Set a budget before approaching an interior designer. If you’re on a tight budget, be honest about this. A designer is often very good at controlling costs and they’re likewise very resourceful.
4) Review the work history and the project that your candidate designer has completed. This will give you a hint on his/her level of creativity and style. Moreover, this will likewise display his or her level of professionalism like his/her ability to beat deadlines and realize expectations.
4) Communicate very closely about your preferred style and make sure your customers can adapt to it.
5) Considering you already have a theme in mind, let your designer help you focus on building a strong identity.

Bottom line, a restaurant that serves excellent food and offers a cool, relaxed, and pleasant ambience has more chances of being successful. As more and more restaurants are opening, your share of the profit in the industry may likely go down. Therefore, you have to make a lasting impression to every visitor you get to make your place and food highly-memorable.

An excellently-designed restaurant should have an outstanding floor style, paint, wall, and ceiling. Moreover, it should have a signature design that makes it different from the rest.

Using Great Concept for Restaurant Success

One important step in starting your very own restaurant is coming up with an excellent concept. This means determining the menu, style of service, decor, and many other factors that would determine your restaurant’s identity.

This is a critical part of the business plan as it will greatly influence how your customers may think about your food and place. In other words, it’s either going to help make your restaurant successful or fail.

Here are some essential factors that you should take note as they can influence any restaurant concept that you might have:

• Menu
• Style of service
• Customers

Most restaurant owners would agree that knowing what food you’ll be serving your customers is a first step to making a restaurant concept.

While it’s often too tempting to offer a wide variety of food all at once, make sure you don’t go out of your comfort zone. One common pitfall for new restaurant owners is introducing new foods without truly understanding them. This is for the sake of making customers excited. Almost always, these restaurants suffer as a result.

Moreover, take time to appropriately price your menu depending on your style of service. Make sure to list your prices clearly and simplify your menu so it’s easy to read. This will not only make your restaurant customer-friendly, but it will likewise help your customers quickly decide which food to order.

Style of Service
When it comes to the service style, you have a couple of options. You can either pick quick serve, casual, fast-casual, or fine dining.

Quick serve food restaurants guarantee speed, affordability of menu, and convenience.

Casual restaurants are often referred to as family restaurants as they offer full table service. They likewise have a couple of menu offerings, diverse customer base, and a more family-type of atmosphere.

Fast-casual restaurants are a notch higher than quick serve food restaurants in terms of quality, thus they’re a bit more expensive. But just like quick serve restaurants, they can guarantee speed, affordability of menu, and convenience.

Fine dining restaurants offer the best food quality, but they’re likewise the most expensive. They’re known for high-value quality, exceptional service, formal atmosphere, lavish decors, and highly-skilled chefs.

It’s important for every restaurant’s menu and service style to be tailored to a specific location and type of customer base. This means that opening a fine dining restaurant in an urban area where lower-class families live may not at all be a very good idea.
With that being said, it’s important that you do research about the location where you’re planning to establish a restaurant. Moreover, it’s essential that you also study how tight the competition in the place is.

Additional Pointers
1) When forming a restaurant concept, be as creative as you can be. Find something that’s not too common in your area. Also, make sure to come up with a catchy name for your restaurant.
2) Ensure the consistency of your restaurant’s identity, style of service, and menu to increase the chances of creating a very comfortable atmosphere.
3) Your interior decoration should be based on the type of menu and service style you’re offering. You don’t have to make things complicated though. Even a minimalist design should do as long as it tells a story about your restaurant’s identity and how it came to existence.

Choosing the Right Tables for Your Restaurant

Choosing the Right Tables for Your Restaurant

post-img1The Wood Used:
While choosing tables for your restaurant, you should always give preference to wooden tables.
They are not only strong but also add a factor of decency and sophistication to the ambiance of the place. The colour of the wood can be one of the natural ones or can even be stained to match the scheme of the entire place. Wooden tables are preferred also because they complement the floor, if that too is wooden. Together, they make a natural and a perfect fit.

If you want to economize the furniture of your restaurant, you can use veneer wood tops or economy granite table tops as well. These are less expensive yet have all the aesthetics of wood. While selecting tables for your restaurant, you must never compromise on the quality; every item of furniture must have high quality. It may cost a little more but it will last much longer and will cost you less in the long run.

You can also get your table tops laminated, the lamination comes in various colors and forms and you can always choose the one which goes with the rest of your furniture and décor.

Size of the Table:
The size of the table is one of the major factors on which the selection of a table depends. Tables come in many sizes, some are too big as to seat almost 20 people, yet others are made only for two!Before choosing the sizes for the tables, you must keep under consideration a few factors. These may include height of the tables, density of the customers, number of seats with each table and also the area between the tables. Height must be chosen carefully. Internationally accepted practice is to choose a table with a height of about 75cm. A table of this size with a seat of height 47cm will form a perfect combination of furniture for your restaurant. It is advisable to choose tables varying in size; this will add diversity to the sitting area and you will be able to seat groups of all sizes.

Number of Restaurant Tables:
In order to make an estimation of the number of tables your restaurant requires, you must find out that how many customers can you accommodate?

This is based on the size and of course the staff of the restaurant. On average, each person requires about 60cm in width with at least one person’s width left empty between each diner. You should also make sure that there is good space (70cm-80cm) between two tables which are placed beside each other. This will provide every table its sense of privacy and will make sure that the customers don’t find any problem in moving chairs while getting up or sitting down. After considering and giving thought to all these relevant factors, you must decide how many number of tables would be enough for your restaurant and then just go with that choice!

How to Choose the Right Restaurant’s Bar Tools:

There are a lot of cheap restaurant bar stools and equipment behind the bar, which are required for it to run in a professional manner. While choosing bar tools for your restaurant, you must keep one thing in mind that you not only need the basic tools but also those extra ones which are designed to make your job easier. You should never buy low quality and cheap equipment because in the long run, it will cost you much more. Always choose tools of reasonable brands with guaranteed performance. Keeping a few extra tools is always advisable, as it makes your service quick and speedy. Following is a detailed list of all the tools that you may require in a bar. Some of these might seem unnecessary to you, but these will add to the efficiency of your work. These will make the customers happy and in return you will get their gratitude!

Boston Shaker: This one is an obvious tool. You should at least have 3-4 of them at your bar to ensure fast service. Because faster service makes heavy tips!

Hawthorne Strainer: Make sure you use one with a good quality or you might end up with a broken slinky.

Bar Spoon: This tool may come in handy while scooping and layering garnishes.

Muddler: This is the tool which is used to extract flavours from different fruits and herbs.

Fruit Press: It gives you a very hygienic method to squeeze a fruit without getting it all over your hands. This tool is very convenient to use.

Mesh Tea Strainer: This is a strainer which helps to strain wine crystals and seeds from drinks.

Knife: A good sharp knife will help you do all the cutting work effectively. A blunt knife increases the chances of your wrist getting strained, leading to injury.

Bottle Opener: It is an obvious tool. A good one will spare your wrist and palms some strain.

Ice Scoop: Always choose a scoop with a moderate size and the one with cylindrical shape. It should be metallic and not some low quality plastic.

Wine Key (Cork Screw): This too is an obvious tool. You should at least have 5-6 of them. Try to get one with a good quality and always prefer two-stage corkscrew over others.

Spirit Measure: You must have a spirit measure, though you may not always need to use it.
Some people like to pour free but you must have a jigger around in case of need.

Pour Spouts: This is also one of the basic tools required in a bar. You should have a few extra so that if one gets stuck, you have another to back you up.

Funnel: It will help you get syrups and other liquids in to bottles without creating a mess.

Lighter / Matches: You may need lighters or matches to light the candles or for burning orange peels.

Can Opener: This is also one of the simplest tools. It is a part of every bar tool kit.

See for more information.

Should you Change your Restaurant Design?

Should you Change your Restaurant Design?

When you own a restaurant, you’ve thought about the food, the menu, and the chef. But have you ever thought about your restaurant’s design?

In a recent study, the interior and exterior design of the restaurant is one of the factors that influence the satisfaction of the customers. It is an important factor that brings positive effects to your business. In order to stand out in this crowded industry, your restaurant has to provide not only good food and service but also an exceptional dining environment that can be enjoyable to your customers.

post-img2Sure, you have a great location, clean restroom, and variety of menu, but it’s also important to consider the restaurant’s layout, the lighting and warm vibes. A well-designed restaurant contributes to one of those unforgettable evenings and get together meals. At some point, the design may also affect what people want to eat and how fast they finish their meal. In designing your space, make sure that the diners are comfortable with the layout. The design has to match the look and feel of your restaurant to what you are offering on the menu.
Even restaurant design has been evolving to meet the people’s needs. Today, many restaurateurs get inspiration from the public to change their current style and embrace new ideas and design to accommodate the customer’s changing tastes. People aren’t just after the food but also the overall experience in the restaurant.

These days, consumers are obsessed with how the food is made and presented in a well-designed restaurant. You can even take a look at 150 million posts on Instagram tagged with #food. Imagine the food lovers out there, sharing a wonderful picture of your restaurant on social media. The restaurant has evolved and now being designed with Instagram in mind. With a unique dining environment and good food presentation, the returns of money invested in restaurant design are thoroughly exciting.

Today, the restaurant and bars are evolving, people are now enjoying to watch the cooks at work. It has become a trend and leads restaurant designs to a more open kitchen or sushi/diner-style counters. The consumer’s need to be part of the action, interaction with the staff and experience is having a great influence on a restaurant design.
The high demand of being connected to the internet by the public also contributes to the design by incorporating USB charging stations and Wi-fi connections. While many restaurateurs designed their restaurant to meet the consumer’s needs, they also find ways for customers that are looking for less connectivity such as providing device-free zones.

Restaurateurs are also embracing the idea of “Going green.” Many customers like this idea and going green means becoming more energy efficient. This way, it can actually save you money in the long run. Installing solar panels and other energy-efficient systems are now being applied to restaurants. Aside from saving money, it also lessens the environmental impact and monthly utility bills.

In the end, even with all the welcoming, interesting and technologically-driven atmosphere, it’s the great food that will keep the diners to come back. If you are to change your restaurant design, you must remember that you can design it both unique and successful.

Your restaurant’s interior is part of your branding

Your restaurant’s interior is part of your branding

A lot of restaurant owners don’t realize that part of the restaurant’s branding is its interior. It will reflect what you want other people to see in your company. For instance, if you are catering towards the hip and young market, might as well implement a modern theme on your tables, furniture and chairs. In addition to this, your interior should be able to compliment with your logo.

post-img3People judge your company by your interior
Unfortunately, your food isn’t the only thing that will be judged by your customers. A lot of them will also look closely at your restaurant’s interior. If you don’t have a well-designed interior, most likely, customers are not going to be too comfortable dining.

Restaurant styling can be functional as well
Aside from the fact that the interior can bring a certain mood in your restaurant, keep in mind that the styling can be functional as well. Here, you will be able to maximize the number of chairs and tables that you can place in the space that you have. Also, part of restaurant styling is your kitchen. There are instances when some kitchens are not designed to be strategic for the different functions which can possibly delay the orders from getting to the customers.

The right approach towards restaurant styling should be a combination of both aesthetics and functionality. By consulting experts, you will be able to have the right kind of restaurant styling that can benefit your production and the customers as well.

First and one of the most important considerations

First and one of the most important considerations

Your market
First and one of the most important considerations in your restaurant design is your market. Who exactly are you catering to? This can dictate the overall theme and appearance of your restaurant. If you plan on catering towards sports fans who will visit your establishment whenever there’s a game, then better hang posters of different teams and sports heroes on your wall.

Next, always consider your budget. The cost of restaurant design can be quite hefty. However, you can still pick up both furniture and other items for the kitchen for a good price. What you have to do is to do your research carefully. Compare which product offers the best bang for your buck. You don’t have to always settle for the cheapest. You want to weigh the pros and cons to make sure that you are doing the right decision.

It is important to always do your research. What are restaurants that are offering almost the same products as you? Keep in mind that your competition might be doing things the right way. You can pick some things from them, and make sure that the design you implement is actually working. But of course, you shouldn’t be copying what they are doing. Instead, you should just take notes of things that could potentially work with your kitchen design.

Always consider your branding
Branding is not only your logo. Keep in mind that it should also be seen in your restaurant’s overall interior. This will affect just how you are going to design the restaurant. For instance, if you packaged your business as a high class restaurant, might as well concentrate on things that are classy.

Another important aspect that you need to consider when it comes to designing your restaurant is the overall functionality of the space. You want to make sure that it doesn’t slow down the operations, not to mention limit the number of people going in your business. Instead, you want to guarantee the maximization of the space.
You can do a lot of research on how to do this. There are certain rules that should be followed when it comes to placement of tables and chairs.

It is also important to take a closer look at how your kitchen is going to look when you are planning to design your restaurant. Over the years, a lot of things became problematic on restaurants because of the mess that’s happening in their kitchen. By making the kitchen functional, it often times make the overall operations faster. It can even improve the quality of food that is being served to your customers.
There are a lot of things that you need to consider if you are going to design your restaurant. These are some of the most important things that you shouldn’t miss.

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